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recommendations on an acoustic amp

Guest J-Doug

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I can't speak specifically to any brand but Fender and Kustom for "AE" amps, but I've been quite happy with the Kustom.




The best part of my 10-inch speaker Kustom isn't that you can do a vocal through one side and guitar through the other, but rather that I can use it to front end a USB input to record solo practice.


It's really not enough to do justice to a solo gig; none I've seen are, really, in the class of even a cheapie PA system or even plugins to a powered PA speaker, although that's better... That said, for guitar only solo instrumental performance, it's more than enough for a coffeehouse or even a 500-seat theater.


As the saying goes, you pays your money and takes yer choice.



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The Fishman Loudbox Mini was mentioned. Given the original question (working onstage with a banjo and harmonica), I wouldn't think it would have enough power for that. I utilized one of these playing at places like farmer's markets and was constantly told it wasn't loud enough (though i was starting to break up). I had to let it go even though the sound was good for the price. It couldn't handle restaurants and the like.


Small PA does sound like a pain, but it would indeed cover you for everything.

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