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59 reissue


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I want to by myself a 60th birthday present.

Looking to purchase a les Paul 59 reissue used,

I would like some guidance on my purchase

What do you want to know exactly? Whats your experience with Gibsons and guitars so far?

What sort of necks do you like? What sort of music do you play (what pickups and sounds do you like)? Those sorts of things.


Its a bit of a broad question.. But the advice you will probably get the most is to go and play as many different models as you can. After a while one always jumps out at you.

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Go and play as many different examples as you can. After a while one will stand out from the rest...


Or did someone else just say that?




All '59 re-issues from the start of production in '93 up to the present day have been the same in basic spirit.

All (save a few special exceptions) have solid mahogany bodies; two-piece maple caps; rosewood 'boards and essentially the same hardware.


Some are considered 'fancier' - such as the '97 flame-tops which underwent a special finishing process to make the flame 'pop' more.

Neck-thickness has varied considerably; my own '93 has a neck much thicker than current instruments, for example.

Some details have become more 'historically accurate' as time went by - such as the shape of the 'board inlays and the switch from wire- to non-wire ABR-1 bridge.


All of this will matter to a greater or lesser extent depending on your own personal viewpoint.


But by far the most important thing for you to do really is as Rabs said. Get out there and play as many as you can find.

It's only by doing this that you will begin to understand what it is, exactly, that you will prefer to find in 'your' guitar.


They really do vary quite considerably from one example to the next. This cannot be stressed too strongly.


And the hunt is meant to be Fun! Try not to get too stressed nor be too impatient.





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