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UFO - "Pushed To The Limit"


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Nope, their not the same without Mike and Pete but they're still the best band that ever was. Schenker is my favorite guitarists ever but he is totally insane and I don't blame them for firing him.


Aren't Mike and Pete still there? Speaking of Pete Way, it's a shame he never really played with Fastway. I love the guy. He's almost as cool as Dennis Dunaway, the coolest bass player on the planet IMHO.


Yes, Schenker was a giant trainwreck , but he's turned his life around in the last couple years. He's back, just like Frehley and EVH (although DLR is ruining it for everyone).


It's really sad how Schenker had the world by the balls circa 1978, and he threw it all away. MSG was awesome nonetheless.

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