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buying used anything can be that way.Its the headache of buying used. With patience and luck you can at imes also find some good deals. Its the weeding thru the bs that gets frustrating. I was helping my kid look for a used car and was watching craigslist. I ended up finding a sweetdeal.It was a one owner car ,maintained well,real nice shape for decent price.It took 3 months of weeding thru bs posts. I would drive me nuts when so many people would post that the car blue books for this or that price,but they used that as a price guage always quoting the blue book value of a car in excellent condition. The cars were NEVER in excellent condition.Most were in fair condition at best. It breaks down the criteria on the blue book site based on if the vehicle has dents,rust,mileage,etc as far as what condition it is in and that dictates the value.About every single time someone used the blue book price in attempt to say their vehicle is worth a certain price,they always went off the excellent condition for their car.Drove me crazy.There is quite a difference in blue book value from a fair condition vehicel to an excellent condition vehicle

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