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I was playing an old demo tape for a friend last night and he loved it. Yet to me it was full of poor sounding keyboards, too much chorus on guitar and poor backing vocals.

This got me thinking about music and the hype involved. Is it down to production and hype more than Musicianship?

I often listen to music and wonder how it ever got released.

Do you wonder how something got released? I don't want this post as a knock Justin Bieber thread either.

I'll post the song I played. It's about 30 years old and was recorded in a couple of hours in a local studio (no computers then). So it's virtually live. The guitar was recorded straight into the console with a Tom Scholz Rockman (very new then)

http://www.billygreen.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/LAD.mp3 This is a link to it.

As I've mentioned before, the singer is Tony Martin that went on to sing for Black Sabbath. We're all just over 20/22. I cringe at it now, but it brings back good memories.

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I like what I like hype or none. You have to remember, the peeps here are all music lovers.

Yeah, everyone likes music but some people listen to it as a whole and some people deconstruct it.


People who deconstruct it tend to be more judgemental.

Thinking of that first song as a whole it is awesome.

Deconstruct it and it falls short.

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