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I couldn't wait any longer


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Today my Missus told me that she and her sisters were going to a "hen party" this evening.I took this as a sign and hurried off to see my buddies at Reid Music and paid off in full the Vox AC-15 C-1 that I had on lay away.To my deep chagrin,when I returned home she told me that she had changed her mind and wasn't going to said party.Now I have to wait until she goes to her sister's tomorrow before I break out with my "Beatles guitars"my 1966 Gretsch Tennessean like George's and my 1965 John Lennon Casino.They should sound really true to the "Mersey Sound"when I get them fired up and I imagine that I'll have goosebumps the size of pomegranites.


Even though this is the 5th Vox I've bought it is only my 4th because I bought one about 3 months ago for my cousin's incredibly gifted 11 year old grandson as he didn't have a decent amp-or guitar for that matter-so I bought him a Vox VT-20 and a beautiful ash bodied Tele.I firmly believe that God given talent should be nurtured as much as humanly possible because this little guy is definitely headed for becoming a professional musician and I vowed to do whatever I can for him to keep him interested and focused on the prize.I have no doubts whatsoever that this little fella is another Hendrix in the making-he's that unbelievably good!!!


I'm as far as you can get from being the type who engages in hyperbole and dishes out false praise but this boy is going to be a monster talent and even though I live over an hours drive away I have promised his mother that I would do anything in my power to help him realize his dream.

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