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I broke my 2008 Les Paul pickup ring :(((

Renato Lousan

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While i was installing my new pickups for my 2008 Epiphone Les Paul (EE080300266), i broke one pickup ring, yes. (On the attachments there is a photo of the broken ring)


Any idea where i can buy and the model that i could buy?


All parts or StewMac are a good source or good old ebay.



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From your picture those look to be ivory color.

(very hard to find) black and cream are most common.


All things considered, your best bet probably will be Ebay.

Look up Epiphone pickup rings or Epiphone pickup mounting rings.


I know Bezdez carries them for sure but he is in Canada:



Gibson rings are easy to find but, as stated, they would require new holes for the screws.


Hope others are more help.



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I can't provide a link right now because I'm on my phone.

But, try guitarheads.com I've had good experiences with them, on both the product and service end of things.

They shipped USPS and got things to me second day, from NJ.


One of the things I ordered from them was a set of black pickup rings, and they replaced the creme metric ones on my Samick Greg Bennett no problem.

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