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Replacement Tuners (for a 2004 LP Std. LE)

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I have a question about replacing tuners on a 2004 Les Paul Limited Edition Standard.


They came with "Vintage Spec" all nickle (Gibson Deluxe) 3+3 Kluson-type with Butter-bean buttons.


They look good - but aren't smooth and don't hold tune very well.


I know for sure that Gibson's PMMH-040 (historic spec) tuners are a direct, drop-in replacement (because I know a guy that has made this replacement).


So, I have ordered a set of those. But I'd like to know if the TonePros Kluson TPKGW-N will also drop-in without modification. From the info I can find, it seems like it. But I'm not sure of the specs of the original parts. I can find the TonePros info - but not Gibson's.


Here's a pic of the TonePro/Kluson. They would look great with the white binding on the LE (as least I think so)...




So, if anyone knows where to find the dimension specs for the PMMH-040's that would be great.



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