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G string too loud

Robert Sander

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the G string of my LP Standard (2012) is acoustically louder than the other strings when pressed in the 3rd and 4th fret. Is this normal? When played through the amp all strings sound equally loud.


It's only the G string and it's most obvious in the 3rd and 4th fret. I've already changed strings but that didn't help.


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typically the g string is one of the highest tension strings of the top 3 light strings, look at a d'addario string pack, , suggested tension guide for 9's or 10's (gauge)g is 16 lbs. so it is very heavy string compared to the E or B, and strung very tight, mass times velocity provides the energy or volume level it is picked just as hard as the light ones therefore it has more energy, like pulling a rubber band back and snap yourself high tension hurts, also we strike the bass strings less hard typically and the low bass A E sound does not feel as loud low slow vibration, but probably has more energy. I noticed to that g is a powerful string. it is a favorite to do pinched harmonics because you can touch it lightly and it still rings harmonics out.

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