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What kind of guitar is this?

Rainbow Trout

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Hey guys, thanks for the help. I'm not too new to owning old guitars and I'm not a collector or anything, and I recently got this guitar as a birthday present from my grandfather who is, in fact, a collector. I was wondering what brand/year this guitar is, if anyone can help. Thanks alot!






Sorry if the pictures look bad. I'll post up better ones if this isn't enough.


p.s. I don't know if this matters but there's a number on the back of the head and it reads "80841596".

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It looks to be as the truss rod cover says, A Firebrand 'The Paul'deluxe. A few different variations of this budget Les Paul spinoff were made in the early 80's until '85.(so the book says)

Pretty sure yours is the mahogany body in wine red....maybe an '81..by the serial number given and made in the Nashville plant. Looks to be original!


P.S.....If those are Tim Shaw pickups, they could be worth as much as the guitar itself! They might actually 'be' the worth of the guitar....Ha!

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One of the instructors at the shop I worked in years ago had a "The Paul"........I never thought they were overly pretty, but man did that thing sound and play awesome........I'd grab one today and be ok with the looks.

Cool guitar!


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