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1958 Les Paul?


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New to this forum. It seems I can only attached up to 500k so I figured I'd upload the serial number image. I can send more photos of the whole guitar to anyone that can help me identify and ballpark value this guitar.


Here's the story.


My father paid under $2K for this in 1994 when I graduated from College. I've played it plenty, and for about 10 years now it's say under my bed. It seems to be a 1958 Les Paul that has been refinished and other work done to it.


It's for sure not complete original, but in general it is in pretty good shape and seems to be the real thing. But I'm not sure.


I'm not too interested in selling it unless the value is over 6 figures, but I doubt it since it's not original.


Any help would be great. Feel free to email me and I'll send more images. If anyone from Gibson would like to see them that would make my day.







post-48706-088707200 1352684347_thumb.jpg

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The serial number font is not correct so that's restamped, and the tuners are also not correct. That's all I can see from the one picture...



The serial number format is correct for 1958, although it should originally have been ink-stamped rather than embossed. If the guitar went back to Gibson at some point for work such as refinishing, it was very common for Gibson to re-stamp serial numbers or FON's in this fashion. They did this to my 1948 J-45 when it went to the factory for work in 1968.


Tuners, of course, are one of the easiest and most commmonly-made changes to Gibsons. At least they are Klusons.

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