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On USA's Veteran's Day, the Navy SEALs and the birthday of the USMC


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It's been quite a weekend.


We play every week at a marina that is the birthplace of the Navy SEALs. And this year the SEALs had their annual muster so we got to entertain a few.


Sunday was Veteran's Day - honoring all who served.


Every year since the late 1990s, Leilani and I have been honored to be chosen to entertain the Jack Ivy Detachment #666 of the U.S.Marine Corps League for the Marines Birthday Party.


Every year they bring out a birthday cake, have the youngest and oldest Marine come up, cut the cake with that big sabre you see in the Marine posters, give a piece to the youngest, another to the oldest, and another to a set table reserved for the Marines who never came back. Everyone stands and salutes the empty chair, and I play taps while they hold the salute. This always brings a tear to my eyes.


While I do not agree with everything my country asks our service people to do, I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for those who are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for our country.


Thank you to all who served.



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