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To buy or not to buy?


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I haven't had a LP custom in many years, and I'm wanting one, not a vintage model, but not something at new prices either.


Today I found a 1978 LP custom in cherry sunburst and while I liked playing it, I couldn't bring myself to pay the $2k being asked for it. Here are its issues:


1. The bridge pup was changed for an unknown white 12 pole pup

2. The tailpiece and bridge were changed for a one piece that fits into / over the original tailpiece and bridge posts

3. A weird six position "String keeper" was screwed over the truss rod cover

4. Many finish blemishes and faded to brown cherry spots.

5. The pickguard and screws are gone

6. Buzzing frets but it's adjusted too low and the frets aren't worn out, could be just a height adjustment.


OK so it's a project guitar to get up to near it was from the factory that I'll probably have a hard time selling unless I give it away... so, given its faults is it worth $1700? Less?




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It really depends on how you like your Les Pauls to be spec'd.


Do you like the modifications made to the p-ups and bridge/stop-tail?


Has the peghead been modded/drilled by the addition of the 'string-keeper'?


Replacement p-up, bridge, stop-tail, pickguard and so on are readily available but obviously replacing all this will all add considerably to the final cost of the guitar.


Also, it would be a very good idea to make absolutely sure the fret-buzz is purely a result of a bad set-up and not something more serious.

A fret-dress isn't going to break the bank but it's yet one more black mark against the guitar. A re-fret, on the other hand, is far more costly - especially if you want to retain the fret-end 'Nibs'.


Personally I like my instruments to be stock and going by your description of this particular instrument I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole.



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