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I currently own a BC Rich Warlock BK II which looks bad-a** but the sound is just nasty and dirty, it goes well for metal(hard stuff like black metal and death metal or grind) , but for other genres is simply sucks, the notes don't sound well, they sound way to dirty even on clean. I know I can change the pickups and maybe improve things a little, but in the end it will still be a low end guitar.


I want to buy a guitar which has more versatility and which sounds well so I am considering buying either a Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO ( http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Les-Paul/Les-Paul-Custom-PRO.aspx ) or a Gibson Les Paul Studio ( http://www.thomann.de/gb/gibson_les_paul_studio_satin_eb_ch.htm )


The Epiphone has that push\pull function which allows a wider range of tones which is what I am looking for but Gibson is a brand renowned for building great guitars.


The Gibson it's just 650 Euro which I consider to be really cheap for a Gibson so I am afraid that if I'll buy it I will end up with a another low end guitar regardless of the fact that it's a genuine Gibson. On the other hand Epiphone is a medium to high end guitar with some nice features (Coil tapping via push/pull controls, Pro-Bucker pickups,and Grover machine heads ) and (I assume from the reviews I read) higher quality finish and sound and it only costs 480 Euro which for a Epiphone is quite a lot (I don't mean that it's not worth the money , I just mean that the most expensive Epiphone I could find on www.thomann.de is 590 euro).


I want to play a wide range of genres, I love all music from blues,jazz to hard rock, metal, even dubstep so I am really looking for versatility but also quality.


Please tell me which one I should buy and why.


Thank you so much.

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