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For Del, BBG and PM .... new Johnny Marr


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Sounds like Tim Burgess singing a Shed Seven song....




Take it away Del........




good description there PM..


It don't really do it for me..kinda neither here nor there...? I have been getting into these Other Lives that was posted here earlier this morning


here is the official video of the song... I'm really diggin em !




It is best watched in full screen...I think it's a great video..I have a pair of boots just like the character too... ya see ur not the only one PM ;)

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The sight of all those blackface Fender amps (and one brownface!) makes me drool and I don't even play electric anymore!


Don't forget the big silverface one just to his right. I have a feeling that might be the late 70s Pro he used on the early Smiths stuff. Haven't seen mine for a couple of years, but it sounds tops when in full working order. The ultralinear jobs are often knocked, but they are underrated.


Thanks for the heads-up, EA. Sadly I also felt it was not his most inspired work to date. OK, but not his personal Kilimanjaro.

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One reason Im an Anglophile(including Scots,Irish & Aussies) ..special people.

I dig em.


Down to earth short funny interview..its amazin : )



Enjoyed that a lot, JM has a great sense of humour, even after Gallagher smashed up his 60's Les Paul ! [cursing]

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