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In the recent December issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine, eight vintage guitar experts were asked what condition issues damage a vintage guitar's value the most. Here's a summary of their educated opinions:


1. Good refinishing decreases vintage value by 50%; poor refinishing by more than that;


2. Cracks, breaks, router work, or an obscured serial number can cut value up to 90%; [thumbdn]


3. Changed pickups can decrease value by up to 50%, sometimes more;


4. Changed parts like a bridge, tuners, pots, caps devalue by at least the replacement cost, if correct parts are

known to be available;


5. A non-working truss rod can kill a deal, devalue by 50% or more (or devalue by at least the repair cost if a buyer's willing to take a chance);


6. A headstock or heel repair done well takes away about 50% of the value.


7. On super rare, high-value guitars, a small detail like a new screw in the pickguard could knock 25% or more off the selling price.


New strap locks, re-fretting, swapping a plastic bridge on an acoustic guitar for a wood bridge, neck re-sets, bridge re-glue, these may not devalue a vintage guitar or may devalue it only slightly. [thumbup]


Hope this is helpful.



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Yeah. Sure. That's believable.


I'd like one - or preferably more - of the eight vintage guitar experts to sell me a 1959 Les Paul with 2 changed p/g screws, a headstock repair and two Pat. No. p-ups instead of the original PAFs.


By my reckoning they'd then have to pay me to take the piece of junk off their hands....


Or, just perhaps, those percentages only apply when the experts are buying a vintage guitar; but then become largely forgotten when the time comes to actually sell the guitar?



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an obscured serial number will diminish the value up to 90 %? Wow, that's a lot, never heard about that.


In Florida an obscured serial number is contraband for trade in pawn shops, and I believe no guitar store here will touch one either.

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