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Is this a Real or Fake Gibson Bass


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I bought this "Gibson" bass and I am very sure it is fake. I have never seen a Gibson bass constructed this way. Please take a look and if possible confirm or rule out the authenticity of this bass.

It is a short scale, and it has been refinished. Also the tuners have been replaced. I cant find a serial number anywhere, and also that black knob was added by the previous owner.

I dont know if this is an authentic gibson that was altered or if its just completely fake.

Please tell me what you think.

post-11230-048771600 1352876728_thumb.jpg

post-11230-006296300 1352876730_thumb.jpg

post-11230-053070300 1352876731_thumb.jpg

post-11230-098232000 1352876732_thumb.jpg

post-11230-030051700 1352876734_thumb.jpg

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