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Shiver me timbers - Tom Waits cover


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Gday folks - just back today from my Myanmar/Burma trip.Will give a bit of a guitar report later.Couldn't wait to play a good guitar again and post a song...so here's one from Tiny Tom The Terror of Tunetown.

I felt a bit like this character at times.Bit jetlagged and recovering from a bad bout of food poisoning so cut me some slack on this one.

Found these tabs someone had posted from a James Taylor site.Goes to show what a good guy JT is..putting up TW tabs on his site.


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BBG you are great at spotting these details.That is why I only played the bridge once not twice as it should be.I kept feckin' up that chord...as it's not one of our usuals ..it's F#7aug5/B...haha.....x12330....not that hard but the fingers aren't used to that shape. [smile]



i watch because i'm usually on the hunt for somethin i could steal :-)


a backward F eh ? back to the drawing board :-s

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