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Refinishing a Special - Faded Cherry


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Ok, so I have an 04 special. It's a great guitar but i'd like to make it a little more original.


This is what it looks like:




I'm thinking of refinishing it. Now i have a buddy of mine who is a luthier and I've seen him do dozens odd finishes on dozens of guitars.


I'm considering just a worn natural, but i would need to know two things before i dive into it....:


1. How deep is the stain? There is no coated finish but it has a red stain and I don't know how deep it is.


and 2. What shade is the wood, and what type of wood is it? It's a little on the heavy side and has a slightly similar texture to the rosewood fretboard.


Thanks for anyone that gives their advice on the situation.


P.S. If anyone throws a really good idea my way I might just try it. Money is not an issue. :)

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