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Epiphone 350 ...what did i buy?


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Can anyone tell me about this guitar? Epiphone in pearl script and Gibson plate on the head. It sounds amazing but is kinda hard to play since i am a beginner.

A guitar collector died here on Kauai (Hawaii) and left his his collection to a buddy... who promptly sold off all the instruments.

The paper sticker inside reads:

Model PR 350

Series 9072866

Everything i look up to try to identify it has letters and mine has no letters.

Thanks for your time

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Try this link:

PR-Series - Epiphone PR-350/S/E


The PR-350 is the basic 350 model. The letter after the numer (PR-350S or PR-350E, etc.) indicate specifications in addition to the typical PR-350 build. For example, PR-350S stands for "solid top". PR-350E means that it has built-in electronics. A "C" would indicate a cutaway body, "M" for mahogany top and so on...


On the wiki entry that I linked to, you will see that I listed the linked model as "PR-350/S/E". That means that this particular entry covers those three models: The PR-350, PR-350S & PR-350E. The models are listed seperately directly under the entry name to avoid confusion. I hope this answers your question


Also, your guitar was made in 1999.

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