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One question to any experts if i may...


The serial number on my Epi Les Paul is F7040271. I have checked this with guitar database and it says April 97 Fine Corp Korea. There are threads around that suggest the minimum amount of digits should be 8 not 7. Other sites say the database is correct. A bit of a mixed bag with conflicting stories.


Anyone confirm?


Good to be here,many interesting threads.


post-48760-057977800 1352999779_thumb.jpg

post-48760-088213200 1352999812_thumb.jpg

post-48760-098495900 1352999829_thumb.jpg

post-48760-098612600 1352999850_thumb.jpg

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No expert here but your guitar (and it's serial number) look just "fine".

The digits did very in the 90's.

First, F counts as a digit.





F = factory code (this can be 2 letters as well)

YY = year of manufacture (this can also be just 1 digit for '90s models)

MM = month of manufacture

R = ranking number (may be more or less digits, not necessarily indicative of total units produced)



F Y M M R R R R would be correct.... (8 digits/entities)

.F 7 0 4 0 2 7 1 .... (8 digits/entities)


This (and much more) information is easily available in the information thread at the top of this forum.


Nice looking guitar, by the way.



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It's legit. I had a goldtop with "F" prefix from late 1990s. You don't see many. The one I had was ok but not great, the neck was a light wood instead of mahogany, possibly basswood or alder, stained to look like mahogany. The fretboard and build quality were ok but it was one of those guitars which had quite a flat dull sound unplugged.

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Thanks for the responses guys.


Not sure about the wood but it was advertised as Mahogany. I think they used a hardwood similar to Mahogany on all Korean guitars.

The inlays are filled slightly and not perfectly straight bu apart from thatt its in perfect condition.

It sounds ok to me but i'm no expert. Obviousy does'nt sound like Pages #1 or 2 though :)

The only thing i am a bit worried about is that it needs slightly re tuning on a regular basis. Maybe needs new tuners?



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