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This looks like a good example of "best of type"..J200.


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This is a beauty.

If I were looking for the nicest example of a Rosewood J200....I would make a beeline for this thing.

I think 10-11K is well worth it if it sounds good.




By the way if anyone is after one of those J45 Custom Vine Guitars there is one at a reasonable price at Golden Age Fretted Instruments in Westfield NJ.

It is priced at $2995 and Im sure he can do better as it I think has been there for a while and the shoppe keeper is a pretty nice guy.

I did not play it..and I have only played 2 over the years which were both incredibly poor sounding..like Norlin made em..but this might be better.

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It's registered as a Special Custom Shop Instrument, made by the Acoustic Division in Montana, in 1994, the centennial year for Gibson, but it's not a model that was part of the centennial program if I'm not mistaken.


Real beauty !


Kind regards,



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