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350T, need advice.


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IMHO ... Buy a new or used ES-335. You could get a premium finish Dot Re-Issue with Figured Top for much better than that price.


There's something fishy goin' on with that separation on the binding and in the joint. Yeah, it's a beautiful classic instrument but, it was never looked after properly.

I say that because of the clear coat cracking all over the body front & back. I've had many Gibsons over the years that hit the 20 year old mark and NEVER did I let my finishes get like that - pickups? Yes! ... But, finishes - NO.


My names jw and I approve this messagemsp_thumbdn.gif





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The binding doesn't look like it's separating at all. The finish on & around the binding is certainly crazing & cracking, however. My 2005 es 137 Custom has precisely the same phenomenon, even though I've babied it. My guitar's neck joint is healthy & strong, and I see no reason to think this 350's neck joint isn't also strong & healthy.


I have no idea how much 1992 350s are selling for, so I can't say whether the price is fair. For that kind of money, I'd have it evaluated by a 3rd party expert - red flags or not. Hope this helps.

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