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Embarrasing Albums Of The Year


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Sheesh, I can't decide which is more corny, "Legendary Child", "Hell Or Halleluiah", or "I Gotsta Get Paid".....


"Legendary Child" is easily the best of the three, though. I'm pretty disappointed with the new efforts from Aerosmith, KISS, and ZZ Top, but Clockwork Angels is my saving grace this year. And the efforts from Slash (although I was never a big Slash or GnR fan), Joe Walsh, Santana, and etc, are great. I'm waiting for Black Country Communion's Afterglow, which is supposed to be killer. Savoy Brown has a new record, but I didn't care for it when I listened to a few cuts. It lacks so much balls it's sad.


And then you get all the artists out there that are on independent labels and/or release/promote their records themselves. Richie Scarlet's new CD, I Plead The Fifth is killer from what I've heard so far, and I will definitely be buying it. I suggest checking him out greatly. He completely trumps even the biggest bands out there IMHO, and I find it ironic that what might possibly be my favorite record of the year isn't even sold in most record stores. There's also this band from NYC called Three For All (featuring former Ace Frehley and Richie Scarlet drummer Steve "Budgie" Werner on the skins. Again, I find it ironic that one of the best drummers I've ever heard is only a hotshot in the NYC area). I recommend checking them out, too, especially if you like Zeppelin and Van Halen. In fact, that's what it sounds like. Zeppelin meets VH. Budgie has a Bonzo-on-steroids feel to him, and the guitar player, Carl Fragitino, does Eddie better than Eddie. They do an amazing medley cover of "Frankenstein" and "Hocus Pocus".


Everybody knows I'm a KISS nut on an Eddie Trunk level (in that I know my KISStory and the current lineup and their business practices don't jive with me), and I proudly say that Monster is their best record in a long time. But, unfortunately, KISS is catering to the casual fans that go to the show for fireworks and "Rock And Roll All Nite", the kind of fans that would be completely dumbfounded if they busted into "Mr. Speed", "Room Service", or "Fits Like A Glove" onstage. Who's behind the mask is way more important to me than the characters. If Tommy and Eric had their own characters, I'd probably go. I always liked KISS for the music first, and the spectacle second. I couldn't give a rats *** about the odd merchandise (as in dolls, lunchboxes, and Hello KISSy, not T-shirts and stuff every other rock band does). They say there's a great demand and the fans ask for it, but I don't think anyone asked for a KISS Kasket or KISS Hello Kitty. It's so watered-down now it's insanity. We'd all love to see Paul and Gene on That Metal Show, but those two don't like Eddie. They wouldn't let him present an award (or something like that) at the KISS Mini Golf thing in Las Vagas. And I find it hypocritical of them to say that they're not about the critics and they're about the fans when they'll eschew a real fan's metal show for Fox News or Entertainment Tonight, who ask the questions they want to answer. They're bullshitters. Eddie is not. Plain and simple. And Ace may be a tad bit sloppy live nowadays (not to mention his singing...), but at least it's genuine and real (and it's way cheaper! And he doesn't charge 1k+ for meet and greets...). I've said it one too many times, but his band kicks so much *** it's insane. They got the attitude, something KISS lacked even with killer musicianship from Eric Carr, Eric Singer, Bruce Kulick, and Vinnie Vincent.


Sorry for my KISS rant....


And make sure to check out Richie Scarlet and Three For All!

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