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Alright, so I was thinking that you guys listen to music a lot, so why not listen to one album a week and post a brief review of it, pick a favorite and least favorite song off of it?


The last full album I listened to was the 1984 Ramones album Too Tough To Die. The album really stands out in the crowd of Ramones albums. This was a huge turning point for their music, they got serious, political, and more emotional. Their sound also got thicker and heavier, a lot more rich. It's an emotional rollercoaster full of more cynical songs than positive ones. The guitar work is well done, there are even a couple points where they go bluesy, most notably in Chasing The Night, the guitar solo. The drums are faster paced than normal, because of Richie. There are a several songs that break 3 and 4 minutes on this album, and even though they're longer, there's still a decent amount of songs, giving you a lot of content to listen to. Taking all of this into account, to me, this album is at least a 9/10 to me. There are a few imperfections, the biggest being the song Mama's Boy. It's just, well, a bad song. It's lackluster, to put it nicely. If I had to pick a pure gem off of this album, though, it would have to be Daytime Dilemma. Such a well played, well sung, well written song. It's got the energy and the emotion of what a truly great song should be.


(also, this is the album I listen to most often, it's my favorite of all time.)

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