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really cool lil blaster you got TDS !! [love] low watt tubeamps,!


my local "mom-n-pop" shop has 1 in the window...i'll have to go test drive it now.

same tube matchup as a Blues Jr.....same wattage....I bet the lil' thing will roar!

didn't notice the speaker brand in tha ad, what does yours' use?

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Speaker is a Celestion Rocket 50. I believe that's a cheap Chinese Celestion, but I don't have any problems with how it sounds.


If it ever craps out on me that'll be an excuse to upgrade it to a better speaker, but until then as long as I am happy with how the amp sounds, I see no reason to mess with it. I apply this same logic to the tubes, which I believe are Groove Tubes like most manufactures use. When they die, I'll pay for a premium set, but as long as the stock tubes work, I feel I'm wasting money by changing them.

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