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Yeah it seems like it.. For instance in the LP Studio page which has been there for ages they now have two upgrade options, one for E-Tune and another for gold hardware...


But the price difference on that model was about $500... so even at shop prices, say $300, is it worth it for that?



Ok scrap that ive just looked again and it says "from $2199" on both.. so does that mean its the same price?


however on the LP Future Tribute (which is the one i was thinking of) the guitar is $1599 normally but $1999 with E-tune.


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I'd rather have this than another pedal I have to run thru for a tuner, this new system is super quick and can be manual tune just by turn'n the keys no special fus'n check it out http://www.tronical.com/


Call me skeptical, or dare I rehash the word "Luddite", it is a cool concept though.

I can see it coming in handy for recording, quick tuning between takes and such.

All the bands I have been in over the years have used the "tuning break" to interact with the crowd.

so i guess it is all in what "blows yer' skirt up." kinda thing.

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