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Got this great deal at it for 380$(that's cheap here i live). As i don't have a p90s guitar i went for it. No regrets, it's amazing bang for the bucks. And you get a really nice gig bag to with this guitar. For the prize i can hardly believe how nice it feel. The action is low, with no fret buzz.The nut is cut perfect, no binding. As i see it's flawless so far. Feel i have been lucky with this one.





A little taste of the sound (guitar volume on 6, had to tame the little beast [biggrin] )


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Great looking guitar. I like the video, she sounds great. Is that the guitar you were trying to adjust? Did you get the truss rod wrench?

It's the same guitar. I went through all my tools, and there was a wrench that fitted the new design epi truss-rod.


Thanks guys for your kind words [thumbup]

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