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Perspiring pickguard


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I read in a Vintage Guitar Mag article a few years ago that older types of plastics start to appear that they are "sweating" when in reality the plastic is slowly degrading and actually decaying.Although I can't offer any suggestions how to slow down or entirely stop this process,I can recommend a very good accessory company that will make a pickguard like the original in a modern plastic that's not prone to degassing.As long as you send the old pickguard or a template made in the actual size,they will make up a first rate replacement but minus the logos as far as I know but I imagine that any of your reputable local sign makers or graphic artists could reproduce the original logo. The web address of the company is: http://www.greasygroove.com/ I have ordered from them before and I can vouch for the excellent quality of their products-and at fair prices too.

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