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Who's played the j45 purevoice?


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The Pure Voice is the Gibson marketing reference to the new Trance system, http://tranceaudio.com/amuletm.html I am having one installed on the Custom Shop SJ that is in the works. Music Villa is doing the install - will let you all know as soon as it all comes together. The stereo Trance that I have in the JB is very nice.

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My high school German ain't as good as I'd like - but here's a review, good sound at the beginning and again at 5:15. I'd think this would be a wonderful little machine for gigging.



In other words he has an absolute truckload of love for the wonderful Gibson PureVoice Custom, or was it that he has a truckload of strings for the Gibsons. Something like that...


(I see the pg is in the traditional wrong spot?).




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