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dj romee

stanton djc.4 external inputs

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Youll have to use the line in on the decks. Can you post a picture of your configure screen. And turn your caps off, all caps usually means your yelling, lol!


Actually scratch that, just set them up like you were gonna use them with timecodes on decks 3 and 4 and then just hit "timecode bypass". So by doing that you can run 2 external decks and 2 virtual decks. And you can do this all in the "advanced config" screen. If you need any help just holla.

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to control to sound from the input 3-4,

there are two missing steps:


go , IN VIRTUAL DJ, in the sound settings,

and choose, ADVANCED Settings,

then fill each input and ouput:


master -----output 1-2

headphone---output 3-4

LINE1 ------ASIO DJC4 STANTON ----input1-2

LINE2-------ASIO DJC4 STANTON ----input3-4

LINE3-------ASIO DJC4 STANTON ----input1-2

LINE4-------ASIO DJC4 STANTON ----input3-4



go back to the mixer of virtual DJ, of course select a skin with 4 players,

and for the player 3, select Effect, and click on AUX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


YES SIR!! it's the AUXILIARY INPUT of the virtual player that allows audio from an external source in virtual dj!


and then you can control the audio coming in your physical input 3-4 , with the virtual fader!!!!! all right?


( LINE1 means channel 1, LINE2 means channel 2, LINE3 means channel 3, LINE4 means channel 4)

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