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Something extra in my purchase.


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Oh it's on the bench for now. The bridge was pulling up, the nut was horrific, and the top was actually popping off the bowl. It was $24.99 buy-it-now for a reason.


Fixed the bowl edge and I have a good fitting nut off another Ovation. The bridge? Well, I basically plowed a bunch of wood glue under it and clamped the living snot out of it. I've had good luck with quickie fixes on O bridges.


The bowl has a small crack in it and it's missing a chunk of the atmosphere-reentry proof binding so you KNOW it had a few hot suppers along the way. These guitars don't dent easily.


Kinda a hybrid. It says "Matrix" on the headstock. It was made in the late 70s in Moosup along with the aluminum necked Applauses. It has a laminated top, raised binding like an Applause, an aluminum neck but with a rosewood board. Mishmash of Ovation/Applause.

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