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Who was 1st Player who made U


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Well, I've never actually owned an ES-335...but, a couple of ES-355's...

one, being my current Gibson "Lucille!" So, I'd have to say BB King,

was the biggest influence, there...originally, anyway. But, Freddy King,

was another 345/355 player, I enjoyed. And, of course, Chuck Berry!



The other (335) players, mentioned already, were..and continue to be,

influences, as well.



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Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, George Thorogood, Malcolm Young, Izzy Stradlin, Ted Nugent (even though he's so damn cheesy), Bow Wow Wow's guitar player on the White Falcon, etc. To me when I was a kid, they were so cool with those guitars (& still are). Double-cutaway guitars never did seem cool at all. Chuck Berry & JL Hooker were the only guys who pulled it off IMO. (& Chuck Berry wrote his good stuff with a 350 or some Single-Cut model) Weird I know...

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  • 2 months later...

After my earlier post extolling the influence of the great Bert Weedon...


I got to the thinking...


And wondered why (I think) nobody has mentioned the great Eric Clapton...


Who IMO took the 335 into new areas as perhaps the first hi gain blues rock player...


Certainly highly influential... [thumbup]





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