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Hello friends

I recently got a great 2012 LP. I want to know if other owners had the same thing that I notice, when you tap the coils there is no significanly change on them. i have a PRS that everytime you tap the coils the change in sound is like earth and sky. Im a little disapointed with this from Gibson, otherwise the guitar is great.

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Yes well if your using distortion you wont hear much difference.. You should hear a fair amount of change when you play it clean and I thought the True Bypass switch is pretty good..


BUT this is the reason I kept my 2008 Standard (and I prefer the neck on my 2008 too)... For me I wasnt that impressed by the coil taps either...



BUT (lol) in saying all that I didnt give them that much time to really get used to them. I have found with Les Pauls that it takes time to start really uderstanding and using the volume and tone pots and getting the best from your Gibby.. Like rolling back the tone to almost 0 and the volume down a tiny bit etc... you will be suprised how many different tones you can get when you experiment with that sort of thing....


Its not a coil tap but this is a good example of what you can do with your Gibson. (its all worth watching but check about 1:50)

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