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My Christmas present


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Monday while in my usual music store-Reid Music in MT. Pearl NL. I was perusing their large assortment of stomp boxes and multi effects units when I saw a wah wah pedal that was unfamiliar to me-the T-Rex Gull-the salesguy told me that it was highly adjustable especially when it came to fine tuning the location of the "sweet spot".The wah is supposed to replicate the original script Clyde McCoy wah-which is the model that Jimi used(and I have also) and it also emulates the original Jen Cry Baby that pre-dates the Dungplop pedal by several years.Since I have the originals of both pedals I want to save wear and tear on them so I've set my sights on the Gull wah.I looked on all the US music dealer sites and the cheapest that I've seen it is $249 at Guitar Center and AMS but my friends at Reids will sell one to me for $229.I mentioned it to the Missus and she never blew a fuse so I may very well be in luck.

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