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calling all ACE Budokan owners


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I just picked up my Ace Budokan and its pretty much the last one to be had except for some floor models in Canada

I really love this guitar but I have noticed a few flaws in the finish

ones a dimple near the cut out near the binding and also the neck near the top fret seems

alittle squareish and slightly not as round as the oppiste side up top.

I know its a c type neck and three piece

has anyone else noticed these type of things. and is there anythin epiphone could do?

I know it's made in china and that makes me crazy. but I do love the guitar.

I really dont want to return it because then Iwont be able to get another.

when we pay top dollar for these sig guitars the should make sure there 100%


Bongo fury

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When you say "dimple" is that alraedy in the wood grain - or is it a ding-type thing in the varnish ? I have a natural dimple within th wood on the top - it dosn't bother me at all. As far as your thought of returning it for that reason, I would think twice before you do it. These are going for over $1,000 on Ebay - as they are very much in demand due to the great features, ( eg. 3 Dimarzio's, ebony fretboard - the overall construction ), even with the flaw that you have - I would keep it. It's a great guitar. Mine arrived not perfect - the sodering of the volume pickup had a bubble in it - and my tech had to re-do that, and there was not a reinforcment nut on the input-jack-plug, so he applied one, ( which is really imortant - as if you keep turning the jack-nut when they losen the wires can rip apart. Epi is know for not putting an inner nut there ), but I am very happy with the axe ! I love Ace too ! [flapper]

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