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Difference between 2012 Gibson Les Paul Studio vs Les Paul Studio Deluxe?


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I searched the web but couldn't really find an answer. What is the difference between the "old" 2012 Gibson Les Paul Studio & Gibson Les Paul Studio deluxe. They both seem to have the same pickups, same materials, but right now GC has the studio deluxe for $999 vs $1399 for the regular Studio? Any idea why?





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Thay are trying to clearance those silver bursts out they have flooded the market with them I have one.


They are a great guitar I got a 2010 it has ebony fretboard


Last I saw on ebay there was like 11 of them not selling.


Resale is not good but if you want a cool looking Les Paul that screams thats it ;)



FYI those have a baked maple fingerboard not rosewood and I like it better.


Interesting. Wonder why they are not selling? Since you own this exact guitar, can you tell me if it has the Burstbucker Pro in the bridge like every other Studio Deluxe I've seen? GC says its the 490/498 combo, but every other Studio Deluxe I've seen says it has burstbucker Pro / 490R combo?

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No its a 498T for sure and its got coil tapping push pull its awesome. its the chambered body very light and sounds great at low level or stage volume.


They are selling its just they have sold alot of them, it has been the most popular studio at Guitar Center.


Sort of over saturated the market with them.


REALLY?! DARN!! I was excited when I played a Deluxe and loved the sound of the Burstbucker pro / 490R combo, so I went online to find the best price. I saw MF blowing them out for $999, but I had a Guitar Center gift Card so I went with them. Turns out I didn't purchase the same guitar with the same pickups, even though its a "Deluxe?" :(


Well, I'll let it ship and play it and see if I like the look/feel, but man that kind of makes me sad!


Is the neck satin finish or glossy? Do you still use the stock pickups in your music? How do you like them? What styles do you play? Is this the guitar on your Pull Tabb facebook (cool stuff btw!)? Thanks for all the info Donny, I really appreciate it.

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