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My Gibson Les Paul XR-2


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just acquired this 1982 Gibson Les Paul XR-2 last night and i will be bringing it to my luthier this week for set-up. so far, after testing it, it really is different from the Standard Les Paul, besides the PUPs, the body is flat and solid, thus making it sound like a 'brighter' SG, but still with the Les Paul look. the feel is great. i am a fan of the 'chunky' 'baseball-batty' neck, but this this one is thick enough and slim enough to have your left hand comfy, and the fretboard is not that rounded, it was the 1st time for me to play the intro of "walk this way" comfortably! hehehe.. it came with the hardcase, also vintage. more to come..



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A couple of forumites have XR-III's but I think that's the first 2 I've seen here.


What does the mini-toggle do? I don't know much about the XR breed I'm sorry to say.


Looking forward to updates!



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