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Music Man Neck Through Guitar Design


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I sort of like it. It sort of makes me feel funny, like I shouldn't like it.

Will the tone be affected by the double wood of the body? The fret reminds me of Rickenbackers'...

Hmm, well, I think that the fact that its a neck through will effect the tone and sustain as you get the the vibrations from the neck going through the body more.. And well as we know from Gibsons you get an extra snap by using a maple top so I would imagine these get quite a nice mix of bass and brightness.. Im not really that sure to be honest.. I also feel a bit wrong liking it :P :)

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That I'd like to see.


To the best of my knowledge all Firebirds are neck through,


[EDIT] I just saw the "Studio" part.


Yeah also I should have said it was a Non Reverse (the 3 tapped P90s one) :) I think the reverse ones are all neck through and the non reverse set necks...

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