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Wilcutt Guitars - Great Experience!


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Not a Gibson, but I found a Fender P-Bass I really wanted on eBay. I have never ordered a guitar online before and was concerned, but decided to give it a try. This one happened to be at Wilcutt Guitars in Lexington, Kentucky. I called and spoke with James. He assured me the guitar was perfect and would be sent that evening. Anyway, the bass arrived as promised and came packaged like it was from a friend. Notice the plastic covers on the tuners and pickups. I came with all the Fender bells and whistles i.e. strap, cord, booklet, cleaning cloth, etc... The white card is a Thank You note and they sent a Wilcutt Guitars cleaning cloth. Everything was perfect! I attached a picture showing how it was delivered. It's the little things, like customer service, that make you a repeat customer. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Wilcutt Guitars - especially for long distance service. This is a 2012 Fender American Hand Stained Ash body (mahogany stain). It is 1 of 150 made and it was signed by Jeff Allen (VP of Production at Fender). I believe he only signed 50 of each model. Thank you Wilcutt Guitars! As an aside, I am in the Los Angeles area and have no connection with this guitar shop - other than being a first time satisfied customer.



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