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All I know is that a man from this town met a Russian "girl" who came to the U.S. to learn about our "Country Music." They now live in Germany.


She has a master's degree in music from Moscow and is very, very good on violin and piano. She also composes and combines different music styles. He helps her combine piano with computer for marvelous music. She speaks Russian, German and English - I think also French. She also is a beautiful young woman. Well... young from my age.


So... I must believe there is very good talent in Russia. They may just not play "rock." But you should hear this woman play Jerry Lee Lewis rock!


There are many bands in the United States that are terrible also. Many of them had one or more "hit records" through the years in American and other English-speaking countries.





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Good and bad are everywhere, of course. In Russia, the weak side - creative people badly work with each other in the creative union. We practically have no tandems like Simon and Garfunkel, Lennon and McCartney etc. This, by the way, and describes the real situation. Though talents as singles are, of course.

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As regards girl/boyfriends and music :)


Two years ago, I really liked this girl, aspiring singer from Moscow, here is her YouTube channel:



It seems, she did not become a singer. I helped her a bit with the record, although we were in different cities. And then I could not think up the name for one of my things for guitar. But when I talked to this girl, I quickly found this name. And this name very much was pleasant to the girl. Here is my guitar thing (I'll rerecord it)…:


By the way, this girl was the one who downloaded my thing and for me it was quite enough :)

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