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I'm starting to get a lot of SPAM in my Gibson messages


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Same here. Had two last week. Both from members(?) who only had one post on the forum...........Got one a while ago also. [confused] .......from Alexus1.....Sent Today, 05:14 AM


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+ XRumer recognize and answer the antibot-questions (like "2+2=?", "What is capital of England?", etc.; ONLY XRumer 7.7.35 have answers on more than 70.000 antibot questions!)

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+ its works withs blogs and social networks

+ "Mass-PM" mode make mass posting personal messages to ALL members of ALL forums simultaneously

+ there are lot of articles about XRumer on recourses with high reputation: "Washington post", "WikiPedia.Org", "Sophos Labs", "Symantec"

+ monthly updates increase powerful of this software everytime, XRumer has a 7-years history


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Need more info? Just Google

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Yep. There's really nothing we mods can do other than to just go in and delete the spammers account.


Which I do, by the way.


I know it must be frustrating to 'report' something like private message spam and not get any reply... sometimes I deal with these reports through foggy eyes on my phone at 4:50 am, before the coffee has had any chance to do anything.


But do know this stuff gets taken care of one way or another....



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I just wish there was a "report spam" or "block" button to notify Gibson of the problem.......


There is a "report" button that appears in the bottom left corner of every post and every PM as seen in the attached example - just click this button and the mods will be notified. We've taken additional security measures to help prevent the recent wave of spammers, we've blocked a few hundred of these accounts from joining just this week!


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