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Locking TK-0735-001 drop-in tuners on an SG


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I'm thinking about putting the TK-0735-001 on my SG Special Faded, as I have a Bigsby B5 and its going out of tune. We've replaced/modified everything. Yes, the Nut is better after replacement and we could argue the composition of the Nut and its affect/effect on tuning. I'd rather not go there.


All I know is the stock Kluson tuners that are the final thing to be replaced.


They sell the TK-0735-001 in a few places; cheapest here http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/tuners_lockinggotoh.htm and sold here http://www.allparts.com/TK-0735-001-Locking-Tuners-Vintage-3x3-Nickel_p_3635.html - Has anyone put these in any SG? Any insight would be great.




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