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9 Volt Battery Wire Repair - Lifeson Axcess Piezo


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The black wire has disconnected from the 9 volt battery clip that powers the piezo pickup in my Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess.


Does anyone know how to open the compartment so that I can reconnect the wire?


I've tried a temporary fix by inserting the black wire in the battery contacts but I might have a defective model because it was my understanding that the piezo can be selected using the normal output jack and simply turning down the volume of the magnetic pots and turning up the volume of the piezo pot but I don't get any tone out of the piezo. Can anyone offer any suggestions and is there any schematic for the wiring of this guitar? I have been unable to find one.


Much thanks.

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Since the wire broke off so close to the battery end, you'll most likely have to replace the whole battery clip. if you take the battery out of the cavity, there should be at least one screw holding it in to the body route that will let you remove the plastic battery holder to access the wiring. You can get away with cutting back and splicing on a new battery harness as long as you have a solid connection between each end and the splice itself is covered and insulated with some shrink tubing or electrical tape.


As for the piezo: it's activated by a push-pull pot, not by which output jack is being used. The two volume pots work as push-pull coil taps for their respective pickups, the third push-pull will activate the piezo when pulled up, and the final 4th knob is the master tone for both of the magnetic pickups and does not control the tone of the piezo at all.



Hope this helps

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