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New PRS SE models and demo


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I posted the same video earlier this morning on the two PRS forums I am on.

I have the gray/black one on order from my local dealer.


Third one.

PRS sent the first one to PA not WA, the second one UPS broke it, and we are waiting on the third one.

The gray black Tremonti Custom is the only color we can get here in the states, unless we have a UK dealer send us one.

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Will do if I ever get it.

I think PRS is playing games.

There is another guy on the PRS forum who has been waiting for his, and his dealer has no idea where it is either.


Mine did not show up today, and they claim they sent it on the 12th.

That is way longer than it takes to go from Virginia to Washington state.

Normal time is eight days via UPS trucking.



I may have been wrong about the mahogany body, as Sweetwater says it is maple?



For awhile they had the wrong specs up, they said it had a stopbar tailpiece, and I told my sales guy there I have dealt with in buying PRS cases the info was wrong.

Looks like they updated the page for it.

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