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Anyone get rebate leather strap?


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I sent my rebate form to epiphone in September and now almost December and was wondering if anyone had received the deluxe leather guitar strap that you were supposed to get when you bought an epiphone bass?


Well, it finally did arrive. I emailed the rebate center and they promptly replied they would look into it. Lo and behold two days later, it shows up on the door step!


Nice 3" epiphone branded black leather strap. It appears to be the st-500 strap almost impossible to find in North America


You can catch a glimpse of it here



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quite a nice strap for a freebie :)


hope your enjoying your bass too: which did you get?




Yeah, the strap is ok for free. My son doesn't know it, but he is getting it with a new guitar under the tree.


Woody Allen rumblekat. A fun short scale bass for this piano player. A really good deal and appears to be well made. Sent it in for a setup by a true pro and didn't need any fretwork.


The real talent in the house is my teenage son. He is so good, it is depressing and inspiring at the same time.


Playing the bass is just my way of learning more about his world and staying connected with him.

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