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Journey - "Lady Luck "


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I'm a huge fan of Journey. It's hard to find a more talented buck in all of rock and roll. If you were alive in the 80's they did suffer from radio overkill though. I like to post some of the lesser known tracks on here from time to time just to try to get folks to hear them with a fresh ear again.


The other day this one popped up on my player when I was out of the room. I walked in and for a second thought it was the new Black Country Communion.


BTW... how do you like those gearless tuners? I'm thinking of putting them on my SG.

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Yes for me they were fresh in the 80's...more melodic than others in the genre


Neal Schon has huge natural talent and the early Santana connection is interesting


My avatar is only a stock pic...lol


I have the real thing(s)...Firebird V with banjos and non Reverse with geared tuners...





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