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1962Gibson GA-30 RVT Invader amp schematic


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Hi all, I'm new here and am hoping that someone will be able to help me. I have what appears to be an early 1962 Gibson GA-30 RVT Invader amp, I say early because the schematics that i have found online do not match the wiring or tube layout of the amp that i have and have been told by Gibson that changes were made to this particular model mid year.The GA-30 RVT Invader that i have has 7 knobs + a knob for Off- standby-on-on, 8 tubes[schematic I've found has 9],and has brushed aluminum trim around grille cloth. Any help is greatly appreciated,thanks in advance for your time and wisdom!

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Is there any chance that someone still has this schematic for this 8 tube GA-30RVT Invader amp? I have the same issue and cannot find the correct schematic online. The link posted in this thread no longer works.




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