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Question for Epi 1 -Mini-ETune


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Epi 1, will the mini-etune on the zenith/ and AJ acoustic and othe Gibby models coming out; be availble as an accessory sell? I would love to put one on my 2 LP's


Epi family here is the LINK


Hi Wardog,


Thanks for the email and your participation in the forum. Yes. We expect to have the Min-ETune system on several Epiphone models including acoustics and electrics. Anticipated availability is ~October 2013. We hope to make a formal announcement with further details ~June 2013.


Thanks again,


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ok, Epi Family here is what I have found out from Tronical Site




cost 349 Euro or 456.65 american and that does not include shipping, which you need to wait 4.5 months to get. Not an exciting deal!!!



Epi 1 thanks for the response. I hope the price point is better in October 2013 for the models. At 456 just for the unit from Tronical, the Aj Acoustic would run around 700? I love the idea and ease of the device. Looking forward to the announcements (especially concerning the price)!!!!

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