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SKB 3i series cases


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Thomann now have the SKB 3i dreadnought case in stock. When somebody posted a video of the SKB chap jumping up and down on his PRS in the relevant version of this case, I figured it was pretty well bomb-proof. But maybe the solid PRS is also somewhat stronger than an acoustic. Anyway, quite fancied one if priced right, as a possible alternative to a Calton (too expensive) or a Hiscox (cheaper, but perhaps a touch less bomb-proof and with catches that some find problematic). The dread case appears from photos to fit Gibson slopes as well as Martin squares. Under 250 quid - more expensive than the cheapest Hiscoxes, but cheaper than some of their more expensive lines. Planning a move back to the UK soonish, and wondering whether to invest, since it might keep the Woody extra-safe. Anybody tried a 3i series case? Or know anybody who has tried one? Any feedback?

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